Unlocking autism, one ingredient at a time.


Here at Cooking Autism, we are driven by an amazing mission; to do our part in supplying monetary, material, curriculum, and logistical support for programs that focus on teaching children with neurological disorders (including autism) important life-skills. 

The purpose is not to create culinary experts, although that would be amazing; the goal is to allow these children to take part in the food preparation process, practice life-skills, and then enjoy their masterpieces! 

The purpose is to help them to expand their palates while they learn critical, real-world communication and life skills, as they work together toward a common goal.


Why Cooking Makes A Difference

Life skills cooking classes impart a variety of curriculum fields. Academically speaking, life skills cooking classes may help build knowledge in math, reading, and science… but there is so much more to be learned through the use of cooking classes!​  Learn more...

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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

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