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Because Of You: Our Village Is Making An Impact On Our Community!!!!

I think, as a mom, it is ingrained in my DNA to worry about my children. Will my child be happy? Will my child be healthy? Will my child know what to do if something, God forbid, scary happens? Will my child have the ability to take care of himself? There are so many questions that run though my mind. I am certainly not the only mom that has these same questions for her child/children.

In my heart, I believe that parents want the very best for their children, no matter what the ability of their child is. I know I do! This is one of the reasons why I wanted to support my son's classroom when I found out that his life-skills cooking class was running very low on funds. These life-skills classes are so very important to our family because I have seen what a tremendous impact it has on my son's ability to communicate, ask questions, advocate for himself, build confidence, and learn the basics of cooking.

Above is some amazing pictures of one of our local public school classroom. In this exercise students are sharpening their communication skills by asking their peers questions like "Do you think you will like..." from picture prompts. Fantastic!

In these pictures, two students each had a table, picture prompts, an apron, and an order pad. These two students would take the orders of their peers by using the "patrons" desired communication tools. "Do you think you will like...(insert food pictures of available food)..." The two students processed what their peers wanted, wrote it down on an ordering pad, tore the order off the pad, and brought it to the kitchen in the class for the teachers to make the order. Then the food was delivered to the student requesting the food! WOW!

Communication, listening and remembering a peers request, asking and answering questions, appropriate social interaction, following written and verbal directions, finishing an assignment, working towards a goal, and overcoming social anxiety are only a handful of the skills being sharpened in a fun activity like this.

And this is only in ELEMENTARY school! Just imagine what amazing opportunities of growth these students will have during the remainder of their school careers!


As teachers send me these amazing pictures of what they are focusing on in their cooking classes, I am reminded of why we work so hard to continue our efforts! Together we are helping students sharpen their skills, build relationships, and gain confidence in themselves!

As a mom, I thank you for what you are doing to help my children. As a community member, I thank you for what you are doing to change the lives of MANY children in our area!

If you know of more classrooms that need Cooking Autism, Inc. support, please direct them here. We have an application on the top right of our home screen.

If you are a parent, and would like this sort of support outside of the brick and mortar of public school, please join us at one of our classes starting in late January. Email me for more info at April@CookingAutism.org.


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