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50!!! 50 local special education classes will be receiving the Cooking Autism, Inc. Cooking Grant!

50!!!! 50 special education classes!!!

Because of your support, our first round of grants will impact 27 classrooms in our local area for the 2019/2020 school year! …and the next round of grants will include up to 23 more classrooms as well!

In Cooking Autism's May board of directors meeting, 13 local schools were approved to receive grant funds to support life-skills cooking classes in their special education classrooms. These life-skills cooking classes are paramount in providing the very best opportunities of sharpening life-skills for our special needs students. These programs focus on fine motor skills, communication, socialization, manners, following written and verbal direction, sequencing, science, asking and answering questions, independence, and advocating for oneself. An extra bonus is that by utilizing a cooking class to support life-skills knowledge, these students may become more familiar with textures, taste, and smells of food; which can lessen the dreaded food anxiety and sensory overload.

Here are some of the amazing classes and schools that will be receiving the 2019/2020 grants from Cooking Autism, Inc.

2 Classrooms at Winding Creek Elementary School in Stafford County. Mrs. Hamlin.

2 Classrooms at Rocky Run Elementary School in Stafford County. Mrs. Short.

1 Classroom at Stafford Middle School in Stafford County. Mrs. Watterson.

8 Classrooms at Melcher's Early Childhood Center in Stafford County. Mrs. Cruse, Mrs. Stearn, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Wright.

3 Classrooms at Margaret Brent Elementary School in Stafford County. Mrs. Nenni.

1 Classroom at Gateway Academy in Spotsylvania County. Mr. Marion.

1 Classroom at Harrison Road Elementary in Spotsylvania. Mrs. Porter.

2 Classes at Massaponax High School in Spotsylvania County. Mrs. Hickey.

2 Classrooms at North Star Early Childhood Center in Stafford County. Mrs. Szymendera

1 Classroom at Garrisonville Elementary School in Stafford County. Mrs. Haley Torrey

2 Classroom at Stafford Elementary in Stafford County. Mrs. Williams.

2 Classrooms at Conway Elementary in Stafford County. Mrs. Allen and Mrs. George

Congratulations to the recipients of the first round of grant funding. We are so very proud of you! Your grants will be impacting 27 classrooms, 54 educators, approximately 224 students, about 220 families, and our whole amazing community! Wow!!!

It is such a blessing to announce that these local special education classrooms will be receiving a total of $10,150 in grants to support their fantastic students with their life skills programs!

If you are a special educator and have not applied for the 2019/2020 grant, please visit our website and apply before July 30, 2019. This amazing community has helped us raise enough funds for approximately 21 more classes. How fantastic is that?

What an amazing and supportive village we have! Thank you all for your guidance, support, and kindness as we have rallied together to continue to build up of amazing community!

Much love,




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