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Say it louder so that those in the back can hear it!!! 54 special education classrooms are receiving life-skills programs because of you!

August 4, 2019

TOGETHER we have accomplished so very much! And it is all because of you!


A little over a year ago our board members and I sat around and discussed that we would like to be able to support FIVE classrooms. FIVE!... Fast forward to today; I am sending congratulatory emails to every single teacher that applied for a Cooking Autism Life-skills Grant. Every...Single...Teacher!!! We are very proud that we had the funds to help all teacher that applied for our grant.


The only way that this is possible is because of our community members. You all have given us your time, prayers and believing, and financial support so that we could make an impact on our special needs community. Together we will be impacting 54 classrooms. Say it louder so the ones in the back can hear! 


....54 BEAUTIFUL SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASSROOMS. That is 360 students, over 130 educators and support staff, over 300 families, and many communities across our area! Can you imagine where these students and families will be in ten years after having this type of support? This is HUGE!!!


I hope you all can feel as proud as each one of us are at Cooking Autism, Inc. It truly takes a village and ours is a very strong one!!! 


And thank you! Thank you for your support! Thank you for your encouragement! Thank you for believing in our children and students! Together we are changing our world around us for the better by supporting our teachers and our amazing students!


Congratulations to: 

Winding Creek Es

Rocky Run ES

Stafford Middle

Melchers Early Childhood 

Margaret Brent ES

Garrisonville ES

Gateway Academy

Harrison Road

NorthStar Early Childhood

Stafford ES

Conway ES

Massaponax High

Heather Empfield

Park Ridge ES

Ferry Farm ES

Grafton Village ES

John J Wright

HH Poole

Rockhill ES

St. Charles High

John Manson 

Piccowaxen Middle