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A note from a local special ed teacher...

On the tail of one of the busiest weeks in Cooking Autism, Inc. history, we received this letter...

"I want to share some pictures with you of one of our cooking activities. We are so grateful for your grant; now all of the students have supplies to make their creations at the same time. This year's cooking experiences have been amazing experiences. The photos are of the students making dirt cups. They have mastered stirring, which they were not able to do in the past when they had to share bowls and spoons. Now they have to stir in order to get the end product. They aren't the best pictures since I cannot show the students' faces, but I hope it conveys what you have been able to provide them. Thank you again!" - Angela Hickey

To us, THIS is the reason why we work so hard. This is the reason why we push so hard to raise support for our hardworking special needs community. All of our hard work is being seen in the classrooms around our area. The students at Massaponax High School are benefiting from funds that were granted to Mrs. Angela Hickey at the start of the 2019/2020 school year.

In this note we learn that her students are improving upon their fine motor skills. But in the pictures we see that they are picking up important life-skills; following step by step directions, sequencing, interpreting picture language, smelling, touching, and even tasting as they are preparing their food. When students improve upon these skills it gives each student opportunities to feel more comfortable around foreign foods. In turn, this can help lessen food anxiety and sensory overload. This wonderful teacher, and support staff, has given these fantastic students a great opportunity to gain confidence and independence! Amazing!

About Cooking Autism:

Cooking Autism, Inc, is a local non-profit organization that supplies life-skills cooking programs to Special Education classrooms. All proceeds gained go directly into that support. Thank you to our loving sponsors, and to our mighty community who keeps stepping up as we find that there is more need in our area that require support.

Now, Cooking Autism, Inc. is in a race against time. Currently we are supporting 54 fantastic special education classrooms and are fundraising to match that support for next year's teachers. This is estimated at about $33,000 (depending on classroom size and needs). Our deadline to meet this sizable goal is May 15 so that we can quickly gift grants to classrooms in need before the start of the school year. The good news is that we have gained $11,349 towards our goal, and we plan to keep on trucking! Go team!!!!

How can YOU help us as we help our beautiful local students?...Volunteering your time to help with some of our major events is a great way to help! Share our story with your loved ones. Start a social media fundraiser in our name (we can show you how), become a sponsor at an event, or kindly donate financially. There is no amount too small.

Together, we are building a happier, confident, and more independent community! We are truly grateful for you!

Platinum Sponsors:

Spectrum Autism Services

Affordable Automotive Repair

Alliance ABA

Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg Slate Realty


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