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About Us

At Cooking Autism, Inc., our mission is to fund development programs for children on the Autism Spectrum through culinary classes. We envision a future where these classes are offered in every school throughout the country. We believe the confidence gained and skills acquired will result in greater opportunities for students with autism after school.


Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Never. Worth it? Absolutely. 

The Benefits of a Cooking Class for Autism


Interacting with others, trying new experiences

Following Written & Verbal Instructions

Paying attention, understanding, remembering, and completing a task

Fine Motor Skills

Muscle development and coordination


Cleaning a workspace, understanding germs, sanitation and hygiene

Our Story

Morgan and April Burch knew that their son’s teachers were making a tremendous impact on his growth. They saw his social barriers lifting, his confidence grow by leaps and bounds, a lessening of sensory aversions to food, an increased ability to follow language and step by step instructions, and the development of friendships! All this was possible because a team of amazing educators included a life-skills cooking program into their autism class’ schedule to help support the needs of their whole class. Educators are SUPERHEROES!

After seeing the effect this class had on their son and hearing testimonies from other parents, the Burch's asked these teachers if they'd allow April and Morgan to offer their program, free of charge, to other classrooms in need of this type of support. The teachers happily agreed, and Cooking Autism was born.

Today, Cooking Autism provides support for classes of students with neurological challenges, including, but not limited to, autism.

Cooking Autism, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for our community of children with special abilities. We are proud of the work, as well as the children, classrooms, teachers, and communities that we serve!​

Your Impact

Research continually shows that children with special needs are succeeding and thriving when given the right tools. Cooking Autism was born out of a desire to not just see one child, one school, or even one community succeed; we have a grander vision to bring this program to students and educators throughout the country. We can lead the way in not only eliminating biases and myths about autism and other neurological disorders, but we can be a part of the change that pushes society forward, making our world a more accepting and equal place.​ But to do this, we need you.

When you donate to Cooking Autism, you affirm this vision. Your dollars, or your brand, or your company, are all actively contributing to a more equal future for our kids.


Your gift raises the bar for educators and administrators in school systems to not only include all students, but equip all students.


Your gift strengthens communities to rally around every member, especially those families who need the support of a program like Cooking Autism to supplement their child's skillset.


Most importantly, your gift makes the futures of so many children more equal, more just, and more promising.


Your gift isn't just funding a cooking class. It's funding change.

Thank you for your generosity!

Grants & Scholarships

We also offer grants to public schools, private schools, and centers as well a scholarship to students who are working towards a profession in the field of special education. Click below to learn more and apply! 


We offer a Life-skills/Cooking Grant for the 2024/2025  school year. 

Application Timeline

Applications open: 4/28/24

Applications close: 6/30/24

Recipients Notified the week of July 28th, 2024

Funds Awarded: 

August-September 2024

Joe Callahan Scholarship

We give scholarships to educators as they continue training for special needs.

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