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Our community needs your support! Please join us in changing their worlds for the better.

Cooking Autism, Inc. understands that there is a tremendous need for support for our children with exceptionalities. Our teachers, families, and community members have reached out to us and asked for our help. We are striving to provide the very best opportunities for growth for as many children as we can because we have seen the impact that these classes can make on our special needs community. We are helping our community by providing life skills cooking classes for classrooms of special needs students and providing a modeled program in our hometown of Fredericksburg.

Please help us further our cause! We are trying to raise $2,500 so that we may help provide food, supplies, and support to many more classrooms. We would also like to extend these classes beyond the brick and mortar of a school, and into our community. Please consider giving, because every little bit adds up to something big.

Please visit

to help us further our cause. We know that it takes a whole community to help continue to make a difference for our children. We are so thankful for you and your support!


April Burch

Founder of Cooking Autism, Inc.

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